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Many people, and online sources, will say visas (and entry to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or other UAE emirates) are not permitted for anyone with an Israeli stamp in their passport. This may have been correct in the past, or it may be one of those official rules that no one takes any notice of, since there have been visitors that have entered the UAE despite having entry stamps from Israel in their passport.

  • The website of the UAE Embassy in the UK ( says "Israeli stamps endorsement is not a problem for UAE entry"
  • The US UAE Embassy website ( says "All Americans with a valid US passport are welcome to enter the UAE. This includes those with visa or entry stamps from other countries" (as of December 2008).
  • Israeli citizens are normally denied visas to the UAE however, and entry might be denied to Israelis travelling on another passport, or other nationals who were born in Israel - check with the UAE immigration department or your nearest UAE embassy in that case.
  • Although visa rules are federal, there appear to be differences in how they are applied in the different emirates. Dubai is generally perceived as being the most tolerant, and if you do have a evidence of a visit to Israel in your passport, try and enter the UAE in Dubai rather than other emirates. Abu Dhabi should be ok also, but Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah might be more difficult.

Israeli citizens visiting Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

  • Shahar Peer, a female tennis player from Israel, attended the February 2010 Dubai Tennis Championship and got as far as the quarter finals before being taken down by Serena Williams. Tennis matches with Ms Peer were played on the less accessible Court 1, not Center Court, for security reasons.
  • On 20 January 2010, a Hamas leader, Mahmoud Al Mabhouh, was allegedly murdered in the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel in Dubai by Mossad (the Israeli secret service) agents. The Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant General Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, announced a list of suspects in the murder and said he was "almost certain" that Mossad was behind the attack. Interpol issued arrest warrants for the suspects. Lt Gen Dahi also said on 02 March 2010 that he wanted to issue arrest warrents for Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, and Meir Dagan, the head of Mossad, if it was shown that they were behind the attack. The suspects entered the UAE on fake and/or stolen passports belonging to countries other than Israel, including Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, UK, but it was claimed they had dual nationality.
  • In January 2010, the Israeli Minister of National Infrastructure, Uzi Landau, attended the IRENA Preparatory Commission conference in Abu Dhabi. Mr Landau was reportedly the first Israeli Minister to visit the UAE.
  • In October 2009, two Israeli delegates visited Abu Dhabi as part of the IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) Administrative Committee Meeting, and the Israeli flag was displayed at the conference (the first time it was displayed in the UAE apparently, other than on the ground during the occasional protest in the UAE against Israel's treatment of Palestinians). Abu Dhabi is the interim headquarters of the IRENA Agency. The Israeli delegation consisted of Simona Halperin, Director of the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs Human Rights and International Organizations, and Dr Avraham Arbiv from the Israel Ministry of Infrastructure.
  • In February 2009, Shahar Peer, a female Israeli tennis player due to play in the WTA Dubai tennis tournament, was denied a visa. However, the possibility of Dubai having the tennis tournament taken away from them as a result of that decision, prompted Dubai to issue a visa to Andy Ram, a male Israeli tennis player in the men's tournament the following week.
  • Following the 2009 tournament, the Dubai Tennis Open organisers were fined, and were required to give an assurance that Shahar Peer would be issued a visa at least 10 weeks before the Dubai tournament started in 2010. As UAE visas normally only have an 8 week validity period before entry, it would be ironic if Ms Peer was issued a visa, then refused entry because it was out of date 10 weeks later.
  • In September 2003, Israeli officials, headed by Minister Without Portfolio, Meir Sheetrit, attended the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) meetings held in Dubai.

Visiting Israel after a trip to Dubai

  • There are no entry restrictions to Israel for visitors who have a visa stamp from Abu Dhabi, Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE, however on entry to Israel you might be questioned a bit more than if you had not been to the UAE.
  • Note there are no direct flights or travel connections between the UAE and Israel, as Israel is not recognized by the UAE. There are a number of airlines flying to Dubai that also have flights to Israel so you can connect easily with one of them.

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